Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our kids keeps us busy

Nessa girl is 3 months old, she has the cutest smile ever! Danny loves his baby sister, he is often given her kisses, and when she cries he runs to her and dances for her and tries to calm her down haha, what a sweet kid. But as we all know he is almost two and YES, I do believe in the "terrible two" because he is more wild than ever and he will be turning two in May. I hope to be blessed with more patience when that time comes. This week has been a wild one so far.... he kept taking things out of the dishwasher, broke a cup (scarry), grabbed three big knives and was swingig it everywhere! ( I still have no idea how he got those) almost broke the blinds from his room and livingroom, threw Christmas decorations out of the balcony into people's heads.......they had to run to get to their apartmet! I took him to the park and he kept throwing rocks at a special Ed guy that lives in our building, when it was time to go back to our apartment I but him on the stroller and he screamed until we got to our door, then I unbuckled him and he runned to the parking lot and started dancing and spnning all over, a couple of cars had to stop while I tried to hold Danny AND Vanessa at the same time. He screams when I change his diaper, he runs super fast so sometimes it is hard to chase him. Just reading this post makes me feel physically tired, but I love being his mami, Danny needs lots of love, attention and patience, and I enjoy being able to give him all of that, he is my "terrible boy" who I LOVE VERY VERY MUCH. My life would not be complete without him. He knows when he is in trouble and he comes and gives us kisses when he knows he did something wrong, although sometimes he thinks that just because he gave us a hug and a kiss we will let him to whatever it was that he was getting into. Silly guy.
So if you were wondering why I don't post often, you know see life is not exactly an open book. He really needs to be outside playing, drainning all his energy outside haha, when he turns three I will start putting him in outdoor sport activites, soccer or maybe a ballroom class......although I think soccer will work better for the kind of energy he has. We will see.

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Karenin Jaar Robison said...

terribles two's are not a myth... sooo true!
my little boy turns two in may and he is nuts already.
we have him play soccer outside all the time.
and rough around to get his jitters out.