Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Danny did not get dressed up for Halloween this time, maybe next year though. I know some people were probably expecting Halloween pictures but we decitded to take pictures anyways because he is now 5 months old! It has been crazy around here trying to catch up with Danny, I cannot longer leave him for more than a couple of seconds, he is now a master at doing his army crawling, he does is so fast, when he wants something he goes for it, if it is something I don't want him to touch I call his name and he looks at me serious then when I turn around he quickly crawls towards the object he wants, if I m lucky and I catch him I call on his name again and he looks up and slowly puts the object in his mouth, so little and he is already testing his limits haha. He is a very fun child to be around, he is always happy unless I took away something he worked so hard to get his hands on. The big challenge right now is changing his diapers. He turns and wants to roll, touch his feet or go on his tummy and he is a strong boy!! so now changing his diaper takes a lot longer than it should. Before I forget I wanted to share with all of you how happy we are as a family, Daniel loves Danny so much and it is so fun watching them play and make each other laugh; we are so blessed to have a healthy son, and the gospel in our lives. I want to take a few seconds and Thank our families (Daniel's and mine) who have loved us always and supported us in many ways but specially emotionally. I miss my family in Utah so much and I think about my family everyday and how much they have done for me all my life and that are still doing for me. I hope they know that I have great respect for them specially for my parents, they are a huge example for me. I love my relationship with my Mom and my Daddy has always been so kind and so loving towards me, him and my mom always speaks to me with love.
As a family we are going to visit my family in Utah sometime in November, we are all so excited because Daniel hasn't been able to visit because of how much he has to do at school and work. We can't wait!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A great week

Danny and I are having a great week! My Dad and my brother Kevin came to our home last weekend to spend time with us and to pick us up to spend a week in Utah at my parents house. It was nice for Danny because he got to see family and he sure loves the atention! but it was also good for me because I was able to relax somewhat, my parents made sure that I came to relax, not to clean or run errands, I needed it and I feel like I have more energy to keep taking care of my sweet and super energetic son. I love coming to see my family, but I never forget about my dear Daniel, I have missed him so much and everyday I picture myself running towards him and giving him a big hug and a kiss, I can't wait to do just that when Danny and I go back home on Saturday.

Monday, October 6, 2008



I m sure most of you have heard that Danny now rolls to his tummy and can do an army crawl! We are so proud of him, we heard most babies are not able to do that until they are at least 6 months, and he learned it all just before he turned 4 months. He is such a sweet boy but lately he has been pretty fussy, he doesn't want be be on the floor or sat down or on his swing, he wants to be hold by mommy and chew on anything he can get his hands on. The doctor seems to think he might be teething, he bites and drools and chews a lot. Yesterday he was very upset, I picked him up and he grabbed my face and bit my chin! it hurt a lot, so I pulled away and he grabbed it angrily and bit it twice, needless to say it still hurts a little. The other thing is that now that he is getting older, it is a lot harder to keep him entertained! he plays by himself pretty good but just for a little bit, he gets bored at the apt, and he only calms down if I take him outside or if I visit people, or they visit us. He loves meeting and seeing different people. It is interesting seeing his personality show a lot more as he is growing, Dan and I know for a fact he will have a hard time when we have a second child. But I hope to give all my kids all the attention they need and deserve. We love being parents, and although I m always tired, Heavenly Father always blesses me with the energy and patience I need to take care of Danny like I should. Well, you can see on these pictures he isn't very excited to be sat down, on the first one he is reaching for me to pick him up, I love the second one, he has discovered that he can touch his feet a couple of weeks ago and just loves grabbing them! It has been a while since we posted so I had tons to say, hopefully I will get back on track and post weekly.