Monday, January 12, 2009

Time flies by

Danny and I are now in Utah visiting the family, but mainly to help out with my sister Karen's wedding! Time flies by...I can't belive that it was 8 years ago since my family and I first came to the United States and now I m married to a wonderful man and I have a child! and now she is making a huge change in her life that will make her very happy. She is getting married Jan 16 and we are all so excited for her and Michael. They are a beautiful couple and I ejoy being here and helping out as much as I can....or as much as Danny let's me haha. It works out great though because there is always someone that can watch him here, my sister Melanie, my mom, or my brother Kevin. On Jan 10 Karen got her endowments at the Timpanogos Temple. I m so proud of her and love her very much. After the Temple session we were talking about how much we miss Daniel and that only he was missing there. Daniel we LOVE YOU! Danny and I miss you everyday and every minute.
After Karen got her endowments we had a bridal shower for her and it turned out great, we had some fun games and really good food. I can't wait for the wedding! not to mention that Danny gets to wear a super cute outfit that I bet will melt your heart and make you laugh at the same time!

First time eating a straberry and he loved it!

An update on Danny: He loves to stand up by supporting himself on furniture, boxes, pillows and anything he can get his hands on, also he loves to crawl! Not to log ago he really enjoyed us holding his hands while he walked, he liked it so much that for a short while that's all he wanted to do all day and would fuss and cry if we didn't do just that. But now that he can crawl witch was almost a week ago, he doesn't want people to help him, he wants to stand on his own and crawl and if we hold him he flexes and arches his back. It's actually pretty funny unless of course I m trying to change his diaper or trying to give him a bath, then that becomes more of achallenge for me. He is 7 months old and I still can't believe it's been that long. He doesn't really do much baby talk....well, his baby talk is more like a soft growl or sometimes he just says ah! and gradually get's louder and louder. He is a sweet baby. WE LOVE YOU DANNY.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Christmas update....FINALLY!!

We had an amazing Christmas!! my family came up to spend the holidays with us. We enjoyed their stay so much, specially Danny. So, for those who don't know, our Peruvian tradition is a little different than some. I spent all day making dinner and dessert for our big Christmas eve dinner, and at midnight we opened presents!!! I don't understand how people can wait till the next morning to open gifts and to hug each other and say Feliz Navidad!!! It was so much fun. In Peru after hugging family you go outside and hug all of the neighbors as many as you can, then the party begins and the sky is light up with huge fireworks, it is one of the reason why no body sleeps, because the fireworks would wake you up, the sky doesn't get dark again for a while. After dancing and talking a lot we usually have hot chocolate and fruit cake before going to bed. Even though I wasn't in Peru, this Christmas was spectacular, I had the man I love the most at my side and a little boy who brings so much meaning into my life...what else could I ask for?
Danny is usually in bed at around 8pm. But that night he woke up right at midnight! I guess he couldn't wait to open his present either hahaha. His eyes are pretty puffy when he wakes up so you can tell by the pictures that he had just woken up and was confused about all the noise that late at night. But with the help of his daddy he opened his gifts and loved them all. We are so grateful for all the wonderful gifts that our wonderful families gave us. I think that it was the most perfect Christmas I have personally had for a log time. Daniel and I agree that Dannie's first Christmas was perfect!

Getting ready for a bath and bed time!