Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daniel's Graduation Day!

Today has been a great day for all of us, but specially for Daniel. He is a hard worker that has many goals and ambitions for his life; there are so many things I love about Daniel but one of them is that he loves learning and he is excited to finally start working with his degree. We are all so happy today....HE GRADUATED FROM BYU IDAHO!..... so we went out and took some pictures at the school garden, after that we went home to get changed and went to the water park! it was so refreshing to touch the cold water because today is a really hot day! Once we were done at the park, we went to get some yummy ice cream at coldstones to celebrate Daniel's graduation. We wished we could of shared this moment with all of our families but that's why we took plenty of pictures, for everybody to see a little glimpse of how happy we feel today.

Daniel's BIG DAY

Father and son, don't they look adorable?!

Family picture

Daniel looking good!

Danny and mom

We are a happy family!

This is me trying to look good like Daniel

Daniel and Danny playing at the water park

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our lives right now:

Well as many of you know Daniel graduation is this Thursday July 23rd! Of course we are so happy that he is finally done with school(at least for a while), and I am excited to get out of here! although I made great friends here who I will miss lots, the country life is not my place to live. Daniel comes from a much bigger state (Colorado) and I come from a much much more loud and more exciting kind of place (Peru of course!) So you see, this is not our comfort zone, yet we have learned to make it our home and we did enjoy the calmness and the friendly people we met in Rexburg. It feels like we have been here for so long that I started to think that it would be fun to grow things in my garden (once we get a house), well now I think it's crazy, I wouldn't know the first thing about taking care of a plant! I will leave that to amazing people that have that kind of dedication and talent. But honestly, we think that Rexburg is the perfect place to go to school, the spirit was always strong on campus, and there weren't as many distractions, I would of love to finish school here, but that will have to get done somewhere else now that we are moving.
Danny is more active than ever, he is almost always in a good mood, but he can be a little dramatic sometimes, which even though we don't usually like it when Danny throws a fit for small things we can't help to laugh sometimes, "what a little character" as Daniel would say. He is starting to be more vocal, thought I can't make any sense of what he says, but he is starting to reply back to us... in his own way of course. He does growl less, which is a good thing, people were staring to think that he didn't like when others talked to him because every time someone came up to say how cute he is he would just growl and them. I was starting to get tired at explaining that he wasn't mad, it's just the way he "talks".

Now onto baby #2: Well, he/she is moving tons! I cannot believe it, with Danny I felt his first kick/move when I was 5 months pregnant with him, but with this baby I felt it as soon as I got in the 4Th month. Which made us wonder if this baby will be more active than Danny.....NO, IMPOSSIBLE!!....RIGHT?! ha ha but in all seriousness we are so excited to find out what the sex of the baby is, I think that the ultrasound will be done next month but it might be in September, for sure my mom will be the first one to know, after Daniel of course.

*We are moving into my parents house for a couple of months until Daniel is done with his internship, after that we will see where the Lord takes us, which I am very nervous about. But we are so grateful for the help that my family is giving us, we are excited to move in with them and for Daniel to get to know them better. Danny will have NO PROBLEM adjusting because he LOVES his abuelitos! He also loves his aunts and uncle Kevin. My brother room is Danny's favorite place to play at my parents house because uncle Kevin has all the cool stuff, playstaion, gamecube, gameboy, guitar hero, controllers, an electric guitar, cables, a computer....everything a child like Danny dreams of touching and playing with!!! ready or not Kevin here he comes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Coco's wedding

Last week Danny and I attended my cousin Coco's wedding in Utah, some family from Peru came to the wedding and it was so great to see them! Coco and Elizabeth are a beautiful couple, here are some pictures of our week in Utah.

*Coco and Elizabeth

*My sister Melanie and I at the reception

*Four months pregant- next month we find out if it's a girl or a boy!

*My parents

*Danny loves to play in Grandpa's room.