Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our little Dancer

He loves to dance and spin around with any kind of music, but course he has some favorite ones that makes him go crazy all over the room, maybe one of these days we will get one of those, enjoy these little clips!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Danny is going to be Woody from the Toy Story movie for Halloween! I am so excited for us to take Danny trick or treating for the first time. We probably won't be out for very long since he is only one and he will probably get a little tired after going to a couple of houses but I think it will be a fun experience, and we will take lots of pictures so he can look back at them in the future. We are still working on helping him get use to his hat.


For some reason when I tell people that the baby is due in December it still feels like it's far away, but when I say that she will be here in two months...that makes it seem like it's so close! I am so excited to see what she will look like. This pregnancy has been great but recently I have not being able to sleep well at night, I guess I am at that stage when my body is so uncomfortable that I cannot sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning!....I sure need my rest though because the next morning is just as busy as the day before, hopefully I will start sleeping better but I am thinking that won't happen until Vanessa is born...and even then it won't happen because she will be waking up several times at night to eat...I guess it's all part of being a parent. We truly are so grateful for the wonderful blessings our Heavenly Father has given us as a family, having another child is a HUGE blessing for us and even though it will come with many challenges we are so grateful that we are able to go through those good and bad experiences together as a couple.