Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our blog has moved!!!!

This is the website for our new will still have all the same posts.

Friday, March 26, 2010


We went on a date yesterday to a beautiful restaurant called La Caille, here are some pictures:


Here are some pictures of my precious wild boy. He has the cutest smile!

* Danny LOVES the movie he is in this video looking for "snipe" haha. But you have to turn up the volume to really hear it.


Here is Nessa girl playing with daddy. Daniel has been coming home at 8 pm because of his second job, so we LOVE it when Daniel gets home early. Nessa LOVES her papi so much!


My Brother Kevin had a Birthday on the 19th, I can't believe he is already 17 years old! I still think of him as my baby brother....he hates it when I call him that. Kevin is such an awesome brother, he is always willing to help when I ask him to help me out with the kids, he laughs at my jokes! ....I mean, who doesn't though right? I am hillarious! He LOVES it when I call him Dimitry (that his nickname I gave him) No one can make Danny laugh as much as uncle Kevin have. Which reminds me that next time I take the kids to a photo shot I will take Kevin...Danny doesn't smile for photo shot sessions, at least not for us. Soon my brother will go o his mission, even though I know it's good for him and it's the right thing to do I will miss him so much! But that's in two years, so we still have lots of time to hang out. YOU ARE THE BEST LITTLE BRO.!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vanessa always wakes up happy from her nap.

Our kids keeps us busy

Nessa girl is 3 months old, she has the cutest smile ever! Danny loves his baby sister, he is often given her kisses, and when she cries he runs to her and dances for her and tries to calm her down haha, what a sweet kid. But as we all know he is almost two and YES, I do believe in the "terrible two" because he is more wild than ever and he will be turning two in May. I hope to be blessed with more patience when that time comes. This week has been a wild one so far.... he kept taking things out of the dishwasher, broke a cup (scarry), grabbed three big knives and was swingig it everywhere! ( I still have no idea how he got those) almost broke the blinds from his room and livingroom, threw Christmas decorations out of the balcony into people's heads.......they had to run to get to their apartmet! I took him to the park and he kept throwing rocks at a special Ed guy that lives in our building, when it was time to go back to our apartment I but him on the stroller and he screamed until we got to our door, then I unbuckled him and he runned to the parking lot and started dancing and spnning all over, a couple of cars had to stop while I tried to hold Danny AND Vanessa at the same time. He screams when I change his diaper, he runs super fast so sometimes it is hard to chase him. Just reading this post makes me feel physically tired, but I love being his mami, Danny needs lots of love, attention and patience, and I enjoy being able to give him all of that, he is my "terrible boy" who I LOVE VERY VERY MUCH. My life would not be complete without him. He knows when he is in trouble and he comes and gives us kisses when he knows he did something wrong, although sometimes he thinks that just because he gave us a hug and a kiss we will let him to whatever it was that he was getting into. Silly guy.
So if you were wondering why I don't post often, you know see life is not exactly an open book. He really needs to be outside playing, drainning all his energy outside haha, when he turns three I will start putting him in outdoor sport activites, soccer or maybe a ballroom class......although I think soccer will work better for the kind of energy he has. We will see.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vanessa's baby Blessing

I am posting this late but as you can imagine, life with two small kids gets pretty busy, but right now Vanessa is pretty happy laying in her crib and Danny is in time out, so it is the perfect time to do a quick post.
Vanessa's baby blessing was on Valentines day! Feb. 14th It was a beautiful blessing, and we were so happy that she finally got her baby blessing. My mother in law Judy came from Colorado to visit us for the weekend so we got to spend time with her, and she met Vanessa for the first time! Here are some pictures of that weekend:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My two little treasures

I love my two little treasures, Heavenly Father has blessed us so much, we are so grateful for our kids. I wish I had more free time to post more often but I do now so I will take this chance to talk a little bit about what is going on with the kids.

VANESSA: We love this sweet girl! we love how femenine she already looks, we love her demanding little but loud screams, her black hair and brown eyes and cute button nose makes us want to hug her and kiss her all the time. She brings a sweet spirit in the home, she has started to smile and it is just adorable, hopefully we will get a picture of it soon. I can't believe that she is already a month and a half old, part of me loves it because hopefully that means she will start sleeping better! She loves to cuddle in bed with us, and we really like that. Her personality is a lot like Danny's when he was a baby so we are going to be really busy for a long time. She is easily loved by everybody who meets her, my sisters love her and always want to hold her, she brings the sweet soft side of everybody in the house when they are around her. VANESSA WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I look forward to Vanessa sleeping better and getting her ears pierced when she is 3 or 4 months, oh she is going to look even more cute!

DANNY: He is a great older brother. He has done so well with the new change in our lives. Sure, he gets a little jealous sometimes, but most of the time he loves being around her and rubbing her head, putting a blanket on her legs, putting her pacifier back in her mouth, oh and we think it is so sweet when he tries to say her name, to him it is not Vanessa, it is: NE! (at least he can say part of her name hahaha) He loves to play, eat lots of fruits, he likes playing peek a boo, he loves to be chased, he likes to wrestle, he is still very much in love with stuff animals, he has recently found books interesting so we read him some baby books sometimes, although he usually won't let us finish the book because he wants to take the book and be the one that flips the pages. He LOVES to dance, our little guy has some great Latino genes in him, he loves to dance salsa, merengue, bachata.....but he pretty much just likes to dance to any fun, up beat music. We love him so much, I love how his imagination just keeps growing, he's learned to entertained himself better, but what he really loves is when everybody in the house plays with him, he likes that kind of attention and gets really happy. For Danny I look forward for spring and summer to come so I can take our little energetic son to play outside and do more outdoor activities, I do not look forward to potty training him since it is easier to have him in diapers right now but he shows signs that he is ready so we will start soon, maybe in a month or two.

*I forgot to add that Danny really likes turning on and off the TV in my parents room.
*Yesterday I turned on some cartoons on the computer for Danny, I turn around and he had made himself confortable on his little couch, with a blue pillow under his feet, a big white pillow on his lap to rest his arms on, and a blanket around him...he was ready to watch some cartoons haha! what a silly guy, when did he learn to do all that?

We are beyond grateful to be here at my parent's house, the help they give me has been beyond awesome, I don't know how people do it with more than 2 kids, but I definitely look up to them! As far as things are right now I am super busy, if it's not with the kids, it's doing laundry or cleaning the rooms, or making meals, or feeding the kids, and I could keep on going because it is a long list, but above all this I have never been so happy, our little family feels complete, and that is a good feeling.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

our babies got their pictures done!

We don't like to brag but.... our kids are so beautiful, see for your self:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Or lives with 2 kids

Our lives with two kids have been very exciting and a little challenging, especially the hours of sleep we no longer get. But we are beyond happy with our little family of 4. Vanessa is a sweet baby and doesn't care who holds her as long as she feels loved. We use to call her, "la gatita" because she would never cry, she just meowed, at least that's what it sounded like, but that only lasted about a week. She now yells when she is upset ( Ah!). Danny has done so well as far as getting use to having a sister and sharing the attention, he likes to come in the room and cuddle with her... he is so sweet to her, we love it! So here is the best news: VANESSA SLEPT 6 HOURS LAST NIGHT! It was the perfect way to start of the new year.